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Sustainable Permanent Marking

We provide an environmentally friendly laser-based technology for labelling fruits and vegetables that guarantees their integrity and natural flavour while ensuring a long shelf life.

Photos of some of our latest products. Starting from the top left there is magno, kiwi, coconut, melon, lime, eggplant, cucumber, melon, tomato and capcium.


Laser branding provides substantial benefits compared to traditional labelling methods. Natural branding is just as quick as applying a sticker - and its permanent.

No plastic waste

Consumables such as stickers and backing tape is no longer required

Reduced cost per label

Depending on the machine and configuration, it can be as little as 0.1c per label

CO2 reduction

Reducing CO2 emissions required for every label by 50% (more if solar PV is installed)

Meet the Team

Our team is geared for success, and we each bring our own strengths and skills to the business.

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